Out of Sight Mole Trap is Here!!

This trap features two claws that will cut thru dirt to stop those moles in their tunnels and keep other animals safe from these traps because they go under ground and are kept away from animals.  This is the number one used mole trap for professionals.  The out of sight mole trap is amazing.

Check are videos below!!!

Cinch Mole Trap Review

A Mole Trap called the Cinch Mole Trap

This mole trap is a confusing looking trap but is really easy to set up when it comes to setting it up to capture moles and voles.  Also this trap can be used for pocket gophers, 

This trap is set up right in the tunnel and lets the mole or vole travel into it and boom he's caught.  Cinch traps have been around since 1909 and have had great reviews ever since. 

NEW Talprid Mole Trap Review

New Mole Trap from Talprid

This mole trap is incredible and if you have had bad luck with others not working or have had problems setting other traps then this one is a winner for you to try.  This trap is easy to set and remove moles and voles from your yard.  It's easy to use all around.  The video below describes how to use this great trap.  I have caught 6 moles already in 1 month with it and want everyone else to have similar luck with it.

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Sweeneys Mole and Gopher Repellent Review

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Looking for a Vole Repellent that yo can apply to your yard and get rid of the Voles, Moles, and Gophers.  After having Voles turn your yard or garden into a piece of Swiss cheese you will be pulling your hair out trying to get rid of them.  This product works best actually when watered down with a Castor oil liquid repellent.  What I love about this product is that it is safe for pets and kids because it's mainly Castor oil and contains no poison.  Sweeneys is also a great product with traps as well made for gophers.  This great design to the bag allows you to shake it on the affected area or put it in a spreader and apply it that way.

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Customer Review: ★★★★

Getting Rid of Moles and Voles with Castor Oil

Castor Oil $49.95
Castor Oil $49.95
Castor oil is a very effective repellent for moles and voles but not all castor oils are made for the same purpose.  Yes their are specially formulated castor oils.  This isn't the same oil you see mothers giving their kids in the 50's.  Castor oil usually needs to be reapplied every 6-8 weeks to make it the most effective and to
keep the voles away.

What I love most about this product is that its safe for your pets, kids ,lawn and other vegetation.  A lot of gardeners use this in their gardens to get rid of those moles and stop them from eating their plants.  Even if you live where armadillos are a problem you can use this to get rid of them as well.  This is even effective for large lawns.  I have 21,00 sq ft that I need to treat and it works great.  Within in 1 week I saw a huge change in activity, because their was only one hole made.  After two weeks I saw no more voles.

Sunforce 80001 Solar Pest Repeller- Vole Repellent

Looking for a vole repellent then check out this new solar powered vole chaser. This great little device is made from durable ABS plastic as well as corrosion proof aluminum which means it won't fall apart from weather elements, this device emits a combination of sound and vibration which the voles and moles dislike alot. It is solar powered and works through day and night so you won't have to worry about replacing the batteries. This pest repeller is easy to install and completely weatherproof. It covers up to a 6000 square foot range and a frequency of 400Hz to 1000Hz, both pet friendly and child friendly and includes long life Ni-Cad solar charged rechargeable batteries.
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  • Solar pest repellent keeps voles, gophers, or other rodents out.
  • Repels over a 6000 square foot range
  • Completely weatherproof
  • Child and Pet Friendly

Customer Review: ★★★

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Liquid Fence Mole/Vole Quart Concentrate

This is a way to help repel voles and moles from your yard and a nice addition to trapping them in vole traps so that you can make sure the population shrinks.  This vole repellent should be used with traps to monitor activity.  This Liquid Fence Mole/Vole Quart Concentrate is easy to use all you need to do is attach to a hose and spray your yard and landscapes.  It coats the earthworms and the roots of vegetation in your yard like trees and shrubs.  This keeps the voles away from their food source causing them to move to another food source away from your yard.

  • Effect for 4-6 weeks
  • Family and Pet Friendly
  • Use with traps
  • Contains Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Castor Oil, Yellow Grease
  • Environmentally safe and biodegradable
Customer Review: ★★★

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    Wire Tek 1001 Easy Set Mole Eliminator Trap

    Here is a great Vole trap that traps them right in the tunnel, this trap can be used for moles and gophers also.  What makes this trap so great and effective is that their is no need to dig into the tunnel.  The Wire Tek is just pushed into the ground and set up for trapping.  This is a quick acting trap and catches the target as soon as they hit the trap triggers.

    Their is no need to worry about another animal running off with the trap, also baiting this trap is easy because you bait the middle of the trap so the voles run through it.

    • No Poison Used
    • No digging required
    • Just Push in and your done
    • Rugged Design
    • Can be used on Organic or all natural farms
    Customer Review: ★★★★

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      Ortho Home Defense Press 'N Set Mouse Trap

      This is a site favorite and one of the number one sellers for vole traps.  The Ortho 0321110 Home Defense Max Press 'N Set Mouse Trap is a mouse trap but is perfect for trapping voles.  The trap can be use in the tunnel, above the hole or sitting in the path of a vole.  

      The trap can actually sit right above the hole because of the design so as soon as the vole or mole pokes their head out it's caught.  These traps work best if you use peanut butter because of the strong scent, for voles use diced up apple pieces.
      • Plastic Trap wont rust
      • Grab tab so you don't have to touch body
      • Works for mice, voles, moles
      • Perfect for inside or outside
      • Easy to bait
      • Reusable
       Customer Review: ★★★★

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      Victor 0625 The BlackBox Gopher Trap

      Looking for a new way to outsmart those voles?  This vole trap is unlike most so this will confuse those little yard destroyers.  Instead of the trap sitting atop the hole this trap goes right in the tunnel and you can cover it up with dirt which makes the voles think it's part of their tunnels.

      • More effective than wire claw and box traps
      • Weather-resistant plastic and galvanized steel loop
      • Fully assembled
      • Clean and quick trapping
      • Non-toxic - no chemicals or poisons safe for Homes with Pets
      Springtime is the best time to catch voles and moles because they are most active at this time looking for food and a mate.  With this trap you will usually have a successful trap within 48 hours.

      Customer Review: ★★★★★

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      Kness Tip-Trap-Vole Trap

      If you are looking for a humane trap to catch voles in your yard.  This Vole trap is perfect for catching them live so that you can transport them to another wooded area far away from your home.  Most Vole traps are a mouse trap and are effective because of the similarity in size.  This Kness Tip-Trap is perfect for your yard and catching those pest.  Their is a trap door that holds the catch in their until you release it.

      Humane traps are great because after the vole is in it, the scent left in their makes other voles assume it's safe making it more effective to catch them.

      • Perfect for houses with pets, no poison or harmful materials.
      • Can't Stain or Rust like Other traps.
      • Made from polypropylene
      • Reusable 
      Customer Review: ★★★★
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