Ortho Home Defense Press 'N Set Mouse Trap

This is a site favorite and one of the number one sellers for vole traps.  The Ortho 0321110 Home Defense Max Press 'N Set Mouse Trap is a mouse trap but is perfect for trapping voles.  The trap can be use in the tunnel, above the hole or sitting in the path of a vole.  

The trap can actually sit right above the hole because of the design so as soon as the vole or mole pokes their head out it's caught.  These traps work best if you use peanut butter because of the strong scent, for voles use diced up apple pieces.
  • Plastic Trap wont rust
  • Grab tab so you don't have to touch body
  • Works for mice, voles, moles
  • Perfect for inside or outside
  • Easy to bait
  • Reusable
 Customer Review: ★★★★

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