Kness Tip-Trap-Vole Trap

If you are looking for a humane trap to catch voles in your yard.  This Vole trap is perfect for catching them live so that you can transport them to another wooded area far away from your home.  Most Vole traps are a mouse trap and are effective because of the similarity in size.  This Kness Tip-Trap is perfect for your yard and catching those pest.  Their is a trap door that holds the catch in their until you release it.

Humane traps are great because after the vole is in it, the scent left in their makes other voles assume it's safe making it more effective to catch them.

  • Perfect for houses with pets, no poison or harmful materials.
  • Can't Stain or Rust like Other traps.
  • Made from polypropylene
  • Reusable 
Customer Review: ★★★★
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