Victor 0625 The BlackBox Gopher Trap

Looking for a new way to outsmart those voles?  This vole trap is unlike most so this will confuse those little yard destroyers.  Instead of the trap sitting atop the hole this trap goes right in the tunnel and you can cover it up with dirt which makes the voles think it's part of their tunnels.

  • More effective than wire claw and box traps
  • Weather-resistant plastic and galvanized steel loop
  • Fully assembled
  • Clean and quick trapping
  • Non-toxic - no chemicals or poisons safe for Homes with Pets
Springtime is the best time to catch voles and moles because they are most active at this time looking for food and a mate.  With this trap you will usually have a successful trap within 48 hours.

Customer Review: ★★★★★

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